„a year in review”

ein chaotisches aber auch erfahrungsreiches jahr neigt sich dem ende. vielen dank für die unterstützung die ich bekommen habe. ich wünsche euch allen ein glückliches jahr 2014! 

a chaotic but also experience rich year is coming to an end. much thanks for the support I have received. I wish you all a happy year 2014!

Marcel Zeiss 2013

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I work in acrylics and inks on paper or canvas. I believe true artistic expression is to be found at the intersection of culture and nature, control and freedom, and beauty and decay. I believe in letting the materials have a voice of their own and “lead” my works, rather than just using them to express my own ideas. My works are about the expression of energy and impulse. I aim for my works to feel alive and to have a rustic and immediate feel

(Reblogged from Dark Silence In Suburbia)